6 reasons to consider outsourcing some parts of your research


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The world is continuously changing including the biotechnology industry, where it is also pushed by the same productivity rules as the other disciplines. In order to be successful, biotech and pharma are expected to deliver solid, innovative and impactful research faster than ever. But are they prepare to keep up with this pace?


Collaboration can be the answer to this question, but everyone in research collaboration has everybody the same priority for the project?


What about the communication between the different groups of the project? Is it always good? No, most of the time the interest, the capabilities and communication are different and bad.


So, although the collaboration is a powerful plan, it can be hard to achieve without any drawbacks.


How can we solve this issue? I would say the outsourcing could help your research project to crease productivity.


Depending on the organization, there are researchers that never have externalized a part of their research projects and others are worried about the cost. Some questions can come to their minds like: What does it cost, will it be done the way I want it to be and what about the privacy/secrecy?


At first look, there seems to be some doubts to not outsource your R&D work, but after reading these 6 reasons, you will change your mind.


6 reasons to consider outsourcing


1. The Expertise

Service providers often offer highly specific know-hows. Their products/services have been extensively tested and optimized so you will get the best work. Some of them also offer webinars or documentation on their area of expertise, so that you can better understand their services and then see whether they fit or not with your R&D project. They offer expert services in a timely manner, so you won't have to hire people to do that crucial experiment for your R&D project.


2. Increase your research quality


How many times did you want to perform a new experiment that would add value to your project but you could not do it because of a lack of expertise/time? Well, the outsourcing could be the solution to such issue. It could let you concentrate on things that are more in line with your expertise, while experts are doing that one experiment that will add value to your project.


 3. Privacy


It is one of the biggest questions in outsourcing.


Nowadays, we are very used to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and the service providers will agree to sign it if need be. Your data and ideas will be protected, and you will still get the analyses/services you required. The NDA will also hold for future projects with the supplier, so less time will be spent on negotiating contracts.


4. Fast turnaround


Wouldn't it be great if you could deliver fast results, have access to high-end instrumentation, protocols and new technologies without the implementation costs associated with it? This one of the benefits of the outsourcing an experiment or a part of your research project. The service provider will give you an expected turnaround time, keeping you updated on your project. They will deliver a timeframe that is often much faster than what you could achieve in your own lab.




5. Guaranteed results


The service provider´s reputation depends on their deliverables, so you can rest assured that they will do anything they can to satisfy you. So, you can expect great quality from the service provider that you outsource your lab work to.


6. Cost-effective


Do you know how much cost to implement a new technique in your laboratory? And, what about the time that the researchers have to spend to learn new techniques?


After reading the first 5 reasons, it is clear that the outsourcing is the solution for these questions where, doing business with experts who can work discretely, fast and with guaranteed results supports the idea that such an investment is cost-effective, and also, guarantees your researchers could work on things they know how to do.



Scientific discovery is following the trend: Faster, bigger, better!




As a conclusion



We know that you are the expert of your own science. However, a partnership between your lab and a specialized service provider could help your project to move faster and at a lower cost while you focus on other important aspects of your project.


We are conscious that you are the expert of your own science. However, a partnership between your lab and a specialized service provider could help your project to move faster and at a lower cost while you focus on other important aspects of your project.


So after reading these 6 reasons, are prepare to outsource some part of our research?

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