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About us    

Contract-Biotechnology.com is a web-based platform for external solutions for R&D projects. We connect researchers and organizations involved in research and development with service and products providers worldwide.

Our mission is to help researchers make breakthrough discoveries, providing them direct access to those contract laboratories that best fit their needs. We help them to find what they need to advance their research.

Our Team                               






   Contract-Biotechnology.com is formed by a group of professionals with large experience in

  research and development, innovation and marketing management.


How it works  


  1. Request a service. Post a short project description. Confidentiality is protected
  2. Contract-Biotechnology.com team will search for the most qualified providers that fit with your needs.
  3. In a few days, you will receive proposals from potential partners that suit your requirements
  4. Select the most suitable service provider for your project in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort







 "Contract-Biotechnology.com is the best outsourcing experience I have ever had. The users are extremely proficient and professional. Contract-Biotechnology.com has plenty of very smart features that can help protect the business in all situations.  All in Contract-Biotechnology.com is the go to solution for outsourcing needs." - Jeremy Poteck             Read More Testimonials