Ephoran Multi Imaging Solution

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Organization Type: Company.

Type of Activity: Services Suppliers, Biotech Suppliers, Pharmaceutical, Contract Research Organisations (CRO), Diagnostic / In Vitro Diagnostics, Diagnostic Imaging, R&D: Drug Discovery, R&D: Preclinical Development.


Our pre-clinical in vivo imaging systems offer solution for quantitation, deep tissue targeting in order to monitor and quantify in real time biological targets and pathways, giving a deeper understanding of the biology underlying disease mechanism and therapeutic response.

Furthermore Ephoran provides a great variety of in vivo testing services including tumor models (xenograft, orthotopic, and subcutaneous models),  inflammation, cardiovascular, drug absorption/distribution and metabolism,  and validation of new biomarkers of pharmacological activity as predictors of drug response in the clinical setting (novel drug delivery and gene therapy approaches).Ephoran helps you prioritize the candidates in your pipeline by providing in vivo targeting and biodistribution data. The in-house availability of a cyclotron for industrial production of clinical and preclinical tracers, such as 99-Tc, 18-F, 68-Ga, and 177-Lu, provides both PET/SPECT agents for custom labeling of candidate molecules for translational studies.

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