Histalim, the histology services company

126 rue Emile Baudot.MONTPELLIER - France.Telephone: +33 4 67 712 765.Fax: +33 4 67 712 765www.histalim.com

Organization Profile

Organization Type: Company.

Type of Activity: Biotechnology, Agrobiotechnology, Clinical Research Services, Services Suppliers, Contract Research Organisations (CRO), Environment, Medical devices, R&D: Basic Research, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology, R&D: Preclinical Development, R&D: Drug Discovery, R&D: Clinical Development.


Our services on animal and human tissues:

   - Early discovery: drug target identification and validation studies, biomarker identification and validation studies, proof of concept studies ... (all of them can be performed on normal and diseased tissues)

  - Preclinical studies: quantitative and morphometric analysis of predictive/pharmacodynamics/efficacy biomarkers in preclinical models, comparative pathology analyses, efficacy studies, toxicology studies

   - Clinical trials: human tissues processing and analysis by board certified pathologists using morphological analysis and/or immunolabeling, quantitative analysis of pharmacodynamics and predictive biomarkers, histopathological scoring system

   - We use the most modern tools and technologies, having heavily invested in latest histology / immunohistochemistry equipment to provide our clients with highly reliable results and cost-effective solutions.