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Organization Profile

Organization Type: Research Center.

Type of Activity: Biotechnology, Veterinary Medicine, Bioinformatics / Bio IT, R&D: Basic Research, Pharmaceutical, Contract Research Organisations (CRO), R&D: Preclinical Development, R&D: Drug Discovery.


Porsolt, a long established preclinical CRO, has been providing in vitro and in vivo efficacy evaluation and safety pharmacology services for over 30 years, covering the drug development process from early screening through regulatory submission.

Porsolt provides physiopathological models in multiples species, customized procedures and tailored solutions (including in vitro assays and drug formulation analysis and bioanalytical services) for :

Porsolt also offers comprehensive safety evaluation of drug candidate from screnning to pre-Phase1 regulatory studies (ICHS7) in full compliance with GLP.

For the last 35 years Porsolt has established itself as world leader in Preclinical Pharmacology for the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.

The Pharmaceutical Industry has accelerated its need to identify and advance its best preclinical drug candidates. To achieve this, outsourcing has become a core strategy for Porsolt’s clients which include major Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotechnology Companies, Foundations, Not-For-Profits and Academic Institutions. By combining our core values of personalised customer service with flexibility and scientific innovation we strive to provide a quality of service superior to our competitors.

Porsolt’s cross-species platform of non-GLP/GLP efficacy and safety models, has positioned the company for future growth driven by the needs of our clients.