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Contract-Biotechnology.com is routinely participating in international partnering and conferences. The following event are sponsored by Contract-Biotechnology.com



SMi’s 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology 
Addressing the key trends, challenges and strategies in contamination control  Conference: 21 & 22 January 2019
Workshops: 23 January 2019
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK 
Website: www.pharma-microbiology.com/contractbiotechnology   GOLD SPONSOR: DuPont and SPONSORS: Mettler Toledo, bioMérieux, Copan Group, Fujifilm & RSSL  CHAIRED BY: James Drinkwater, Chairman, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society and Olivier Chancel, Sterility and Aseptic Process Assurance, Expert, Boehringer Ingelheim   Developing on last years’ success, Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK 2019 will bring together industry experts to discuss and analyse the latest advancement and challenges within pharmaceutical microbiology. Discover how you can keep up with regulatory changes and maintain the utmost efficiency during production and testing. #PharmaMicro





SMi’s 3rd Annual 3D Cell Culture 
Delivering updates on the development and application of human organs and tissues in vitro  Conference: 20th & 21st February 2019
Workshop: 19th February 2019
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK 
Website: www.3D-cellculture.com/contractbiotechnology    Proudly sponsored by CelVivo, InoCure, Molecular Devices, Promega & TEDD Competence Centre

CHAIRED BY: Nicola Valeri, Gastrointestinal Cancer Biology and Genomics Team Leader, The Institute of Cancer Research and Stefan Przyborski, Professor of Cell Technology, University of Durham    At the 3D Cell Culture Conference in February, we will look at the latest developments in the 3D Cell Culture field. Participants will have the opportunity to network with industry experts, gain insight into how the pharmaceutical industry is utilizing 3D Cell Culture technologies to enhance research and development, discuss the potential for novel in-vitro cell culture models to replace animal models, and discover novel 3D cell culture systems, organ-on-chip, 3D imaging of organoids and other technologies in development. #SMi3DCellCulture


RNA Therapeutics  20th – 21st February 2019  London, UK


 SMi Group announces the 10th Annual RNA Therapeutics Conference in London on February 20th - 21st 2019. Undoubtedly, the field of RNA therapeutics is currently undergoing a major expansion, and the potential for using RNA drugs for personalised medicines and immunotherapy, as well as to address genetic, infectious and chronic diseases will ensure the continued development of RNA therapeutics for years to come.     Fulfilling the potential of genetic discoveries requires the development of therapeutics that can specifically modulate the expression of disease-relevant genes. RNA-based drugs, including siRNAs and antisense nucleotides, are promising examples of a newer class of biologics. Researchers have tried to overcome the major challenges for utilising RNAs in a therapeutic context, including: intracellular delivery, stability and immunogenicity.     Join us in February 2019, for SMi’s 10thannual sell out conference, RNA Therapeutics. Bringing together industry experts from leading RNA companies, to discuss the challenges for clinical translation of RNA-based therapeutics, with an emphasis on recent advances in delivery technologies, and present an overview of the applications of RNA-based drugs for modulation of gene and protein expression, and genome editing.


SMi’s 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry
Developing your R&D pipeline with strategies to deliver small molecules  Conference: 18 – 19 March 2019
Workshop: 20 March 2019
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK    Website: www.drug-discovery.co.uk/contractbiotechnology  CHAIRED BY: Roderick Hubbard, Senior Fellow, Vernalis Research Ltd and Darren Green, Director of Molecular Design, GSK  Sponsored by: Selvita   This year’s event will specifically focus on innovations within the field that has the potential to drive the pharmaceutical industry into a new era of medicines, with optimization of the R&D process to become cheaper, faster and increasing the likelihood of drug efficacy and success. These are some of the major obstacles within drug discovery at present, as the process is overall long, expensive and often potential drugs will fail late in clinical trials, wasting resources and time. #SMiDrugDisChem



WIRED Health,

March 26, 2019, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK


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WIRED Health is the inspirational conference mapping the future of health. Featuring a speaker faculty comprised of thought-provoking disruptors, scientist and medical practitioners, WIRED Health challenges its audience to explore how technology and innovation will change the way we provide and access healthcare, and improve patient care for the future.


Microbiome Therapeutics Europe
28 - 29 March 2019
Courtyard by Marriott Vienna Prater/Messe, Vienna
On 28-29 March 2019, leaders from across the field of microbiome therapeutics will gathering in Vienna to discuss the latest research, developments, discoveries and data in the pursuit to translate the power of the human microbiome into commercially viable medicines. Over 2 days, Microbiome Therapeutics Europe will explore the ins and outs of emerging technologies, learnings from clinical trials, regulatory and commercial challenges to help you gain the information and connections you need to take your pipeline to the next level. Join the likes of AOBiome, AMC Amsterdam, Merck, Eligo Bioscience, The BioCollective, BioMarketing Insight, Evolve Biosystems Inc. and more for practical industry insights, and discuss manufacturing and formulation strategies to take these projects from concepts to market. Plus, stay up-to-date of the regulatory framework developments and seek out investment opportunities to ensure you’re equipped with the information you need for your products to succeed.Visit the website to see the full agenda and speaker line-up: https://goo.gl/oHWoYK   Book now: https://goo.gl/Kxx6GC



SMi’s 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast
Discussing best practice and techniques to tackle microbial control challenges  

Conference: 10 – 11 April 2019
Workshops:  12 April 2019
Location: Battery Wharf Hotel, Boston, USA   

Website: www.microbiologyeastcoast.com/contractbiotechnology   

SPONSORED BY: Associates of Cape Cod, Charles River, bioMérieux, and DuPont
CHAIRED BY: James Drinkwater, Chairman, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society  


Join industry experts to discuss and analyze the latest advances and challenges within the industry. Network with industry professionals, discuss the revision of Annex 1, explore data integrity considerations for conventional and rapid microbiology methods, analyze arising issues with environmental monitoring and gain insight into an industry perspective on automated endotoxin testing and process automation. #SMiPharmaMicroEC


Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business. Most attendees express their delight in the informal atmosphere, combined with an organised approach to meeting highly relevant people. Return visitors come back because they feel they belong to our growing community. We hope to welcome you, too. We create a space for meaningful encounters, with one-on-one meetings being one of the main features of NLSDays.  Additionally, the high quality of topics and presenters provide insight into the most recent trends in science and business. NLSDays attracts leading decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech as well as finance, research, policy and regulatory authorities. NLSDays 2018 Participants

Event information: https://www.nlsdays.com/about-the-event/ 

 Event registration: https://www.nlsdays.com/registration-fees/




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