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We present "Outsourcing Insights", a new section of our website dedicated to educating the industry on key scientific and technological trends impacting external biopharmaceutical R&D. Here you will find the latest insights Contract.Biotechnology.com can provide in the form of articles, white papers, presentations, and other media.


Outsourcing Insights


How Much Does Research and Development Cost?


what about the cost that involves each type of R&D? But which are the factors that are influencing Research and Development Spending? If you want to know the answers to these two questions, then this article is for you...


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6 Business Development Marketing Tips for Social Media


The key question for your business is “How can I use social media to generate real revenue and customers?”...


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Commercially-Oriented R&D


Aligning R&D activities with commercial realities is an old issue.

The importance of a commercial perspective in R&D is increasing more and more, due to the downward pressure on drug prices and limitations on market access...


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Increase sales productivity in B2B Life Science Industry


In a B2B company, sales are what make the machine keep going. The more deals the sales team closes, the better off the company will be. But, there are usually productivity mistakes that sales team commit. In this article, we will show you how to increase sales productivity and the benefits of doing so...


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Biotech Consultants, Why are More and More needed?


Some years ago, few companies in the biosciences sector employed consultants. Now, more and more companies began working with them.

But, why are so many biotechnology and pharma companies employing consultants? and what criteria should be used in hiring the best people?  In this article we analyze all the aspect that you have to consider to hire a biotech consultan.


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How to solve R&D productivity challenges


Organizations need to rethink their R&D business model to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

With that in mind, below we expose 6 tips to improve your R&D Strategy...

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The strategic partnership in life science outsourcing


Drug development company reliance on the outsourcing of clinical research activities continues to rise sharply.


A number of factors have contributed to this growing dependence on CROs and CDMOs ...

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Top 5 outsourcing tips from Contrac-Biotechnology.com 


Here are 5 key pieces of advice to approach your research, weigh your options, and make the best outsourcing decisions...

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Why are scientists not managers?

The Importance of Interdisciplinary Skills in Business and Science


Should scientists know management and a business managers know science? The answer is YES

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6 Reasons to consider outsourcing some parts of your research


In order to be successful, biotech and pharma are expected to deliver solid, innovative and impactful research faster than ever. But are they prepare to keep up with this pace?

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Outsourcing, where do I begin?

The answers to the most common 6 questions 

Outsourcing is the new trend, that is something obvious, but many researchers have the same question:  what do you do when a simple Google search returns countless service provider companies?...  

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Guidelines on outsourcing in life science 

Lab outsourcing allows a company and other institutions to trade higher fixed-costs for lower variable-costs, reducing the need for capital investment and allowing instant access to world-class analytical expertise and capabilities on short notice, using laboratory services only when needed. 

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How to choose a CRO

There are number of issues and aspects to consider when choosing the partner for your studies, their individual importance varying depending on the type of the study and the collaboration. 


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How to work a CRO

When you have chosen a contract laboratory to go on with your project, you have to take care of some important aspects that go from the first beginning to the end of the study.  

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