R&D Insights

Independently in which part of the R&D you work, all researchers and scientists should have a basic knowledge of the different parts of the Drug Discovery and Development process. This will help in the better understanding of the whole process and the future trends in R&D.

Do you know how many people are involved in the process?

The number of people involved in getting a drug to the first patient is hundreds to even a thousand or two thousand, depending on the nature of the work. It requires people from a whole set of different disciplines, ranging from a geneticist who may be that person who makes the first link of a gene with a disease, to the chemist who tried to understand how to make a chemical that will interact with a protein, that a biochemist will have isolated, to a pharmacist who will figure out how to take that chemical and put it into some kind of delivery device, what we call a pill or injection, to computer scientists who work to try to predict how that drug is going to behave in a patient or in a large population, and so on. The set of disciplines is immense.

We would like to thank you all the researchers for their hard work, that we know that sometimes is not gratified.






Scientists in biopharmaceutical research companies, government, academia and non-profit research institutions contribute to understanding of the disease and potential drug targets. They try to understand how the genes are altered, how that affects the proteins they encode and how those proteins interact with each other in living cells, how those affected cells change the specific tissue they are in and finally how the disease affects the entire patient.  Download