Security policy

LAST UPDATED: January 10, 2023

Security is a crucial factor to the users of and therefore we consider security as an utmost priority. This is particularly ensured by the architecture of the system and software which comply with current security requirements. regularly and continuously evaluates emerging security developments and threats and uses this information to optimize our security infrastructure.

1. Registration and verification of users

Security in terms of user verification is important, as users are only allowed to post activities on which there is a real interest in finding partners. When you register to you agree to its terms and conditions.

Upon registration, every user gets immediate access to However, the users are actively verified as entries on service requests, service/product offer info requests and advertise with us.

Our particular application security model prevents one registered user from accessing another user’s data and activities.

2. Data security

Security in terms of data protection is most essential as your data are sensitive and important. The user of the service of is requested to enter very limited data only. has developed a web based platform where you do not need to supply exhaustive details and data. Furthermore, when you place a lab test request, a business opportunities requests and apply for a request you do this anonymously. requires the use of a username and password protection. We have a password retrieval process for users which ensures that they are verified to obtain their password which is operated via their valid Email account. Users who access the closed part of need to use this valid username and password combination which are to be kept confidential and may not be disclosed or shared with any third parties.

All data are stored on database servers that are secured from public access. Transactions involving financial data are only processed using secure server technology.

All data transmission to and within the closed part of are encrypted via strong and current encryption methods.

Every user has his own account where all entries and activities and sent/received messages or applications are archived unlimited until the account is deleted by the user. The user can export any data of this account.

Any use of automatic or manual device or process to unlawfully access any pages on the websites will be prosecuted to the full extent under the relevant Spanish law.

See for more details here: (Privacy policy) and (Terms and Conditions) .

3. Technical security measures

3.1 Perimeter Security

The multicast architecture installed for the system communication is monitored 24/7 for all relevant operating parameters. The network perimeter is protected by a firewall. monitors and analyzes the system continuously including firewall logs, server logs, system load and system accessibility to proactively identify security threats.

Inside the perimeter firewalls, the systems are specifically safeguarded including network address translation and port redirection.

3.2 Server Management Security

Every user entering data into the application is the owner of them. Employees of are strictly limited in their functions and access to data and system components. Employees do not have direct access to the servers used by