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Proteomic Expression Analysis Platform (PIPPR®)

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PIPPR® is the first platform that offer the genome editing scientist an extensive and detailed proteomic expression analysis solution for any type of cells modified with CRISPR-Cas9, Meganucleases, ZFNs or TALENs.

Confirm expected changes and check for un-expected changes in up to 3500 proteins.

PIPPR is powered by SWATH LC-MS, which gives you label-free proteome scale identification and quantification of potentially any protein in your cell line of interest.

Fast, Robust and Cost-effective combined with an Easy Setup - Just ship your proteins extracted by the proven PIPPR Total Mammalian Protein Extraction Kit from your cells and receive proteomic expression report within 2-4 weeks.





ProductProteomic Expression Analysis Platform (PIPPR®)
OrganizationCobo Technologies Aps
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Cobo Technologies Aps

Baekholmen 25, Danmark.Maaloev - Denmark.Telephone: +45 24207221.Fax: N/A

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Organization Type: Company.

Type of Activity: Consulting: Quality & Regulatory, Contract Research Organisations (CRO).


COBO Technologies is a fast-growing CRO specialised in services and products for quality control of genome editing applications in research and clinical fields. The company supports customers globally with detailed InDel mutation analysis and complexed MS-based proteomic expression profiling of cells, plants or animals modified with genome editing tools such as Meganucleases CRISPR-Cas9, ZFNs and TALEN. From 2020 COBO will also offer consulting within the regulatory field of genome editing in EU and US.

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